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The Recruitment Paradox – The Issue Of AI In Recruitment

The Recruitment Paradox – the Issue of AI in Recruitment

According to one study, around 79% of recruiters think that people won’t be involved in the recruitment process in the near future1. How can an industry that has people at its core turn fully to machines?

CV screening is a key recruitment AI tool that is dominating the market currently. However, at Mack Legal we see irreplaceable value in a human production line to get the best results. A resume is a flawed communication device (the best we currently have) and as a recruitment consultant, we use that skeleton as a base to flesh out a story that we can then present to our clients, knowing we are representing full bodies of information.

A turning point of the debate as to whether recruitment should or will be replaced with AI tools, such as CV screening, is the issue of unconscious bias. 68% of recruiters believe AI will remove unintentional bias2. A figure which, if true, would be an excellent development for the world of work and hiring. Equally, a main concern towards use of AI in hiring was that there would be a hiring bias and that AI will miss unique talents – the machines are trained to locate key words and employers could miss out on some incredible candidates3. The data is still out as to which will actually reduce bias.

We can’t answer the big questions on which direction the recruitment industry should or will go, but we can choose the direction for Mack Legal. We pride ourselves for putting people at the centre of our work, even at the detriment of closing a few deals : we put the interests of our clients and candidates above my paycheck. We left the big corporations so that we could build these personal relationships founded on trust. So, the idea of building all of this just to ask a machine to assess the value of in-house lawyer’s PQE is something that makes no sense to us.

So, we will continue to rely on ourselves, to find the narrative in a bullet-point CV and reveal the person behind the accolades.

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